Tuberose absolute

We represent a network of producers of essential oils, raw materials and floral absolute tuberose,jasmine grandiflorum,jasmine sambac and champaca from india.


TUBEROSE ABSOLUTE AHF2The tuberose plant is a tender, tall, slim perennial, Polyanthes Tuberosa.

Tuberose Odor is  rich, powerful, exotic, sweet, heavy floral bouquet with a spicy, waxy, balsamic undertone

Use: In natural perfumery used in high class florals(frangipani, lilac, heliotrope, lilac, gardenia, violet) Oriental bouquets, garland perfumes, sacred essences.

ALLURED HINDFRAG Company shows towards nature comes around in full circle with the best quality flowers and ingredients, because a company that produces essence and essential oils needs the best raw ingredients.

  • Doccuments:SDS,CoA,MSDS

Packing : Suitable packing Sizes with AL/SS / Can / Drum with carton Box.

Storage & stability : Keep in tightly closed container in a cool and dry place, protected from light. When stored for more than 36 months, quality should be checked before use.


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